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TaxiDispatch is an established digital dispatch software provider, catering to the needs of taxi companies, messengers services, towing services and field service professionals.

Based in San Jose (CA), TeleDispatch is a leader in digital dispatch solutions. Here, developers, support technicians, sales people and administrative personnel collaborate to create the best products and services possible for its customers.

We have developed and maintained strong strategic partnership with leading vendors of Network equipment Technologies.

We believe in strong strategic partnership with our clients to help them manage technology into their businesses, and by remaining on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide our customers and employees unprecedented levels of satisfaction.

ANTG Telecom is composed of seasoned consulting professionals who all share the same dedication to the goals and successes of our clients. Beside our network implementation service offering we also develop custom applications. The design and development of custom applications using the combination of onsite and offsite teams.


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