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TeleDispatch, is a world leader in providing digital dispatching solutions for the transportation industry, with more than 25,000 devices deployed.

By leveraging the public data network, wireless network, and private radio network, we offer revolutionary computed aided dispatch solutions to a variety customers. We have developed and maintained strong strategic partnership with leading makers of network equipments, as well as major network carriers, to bring bundled and turned solutions to our customers all around the world.

Our solutions offer taxi companies, messengers services, towing services as well as field service professionals the ability to automate the dispatching of calls and run credit card transactions from their cellular phones. With our hosting services, you need not worry about the management and operation of the system, our 24 hour network operation center takes care of this for you. [more]
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Design & Optimization.
Project Management
Unified Communications.
Audit & Security.
Is your network so complex you wish you could find an appliance that does not exist yet. Our custom design linux based router might be what your are looking for. [more] To Maitain an on going training of our customers technical staff we sponsor a free online CCIE Lab that is available free of charge to our customers. [more]